Rape should be legal – Man explains

A man identified as Lucc Capalot took to Facebook to write that rape should be legal and he also got the support of some other men.
Rape should be legal – Man explains

Capalaot argued that not every man can easily get access to sex with a woman it is rather unfair that they will be denied of that, hence they should resort to rape.

Lucc Capalot wrote:

“I feel like rape should be legal 100. It’s not fair. Everybody should be able to have the chance to experience sex. Not every man can find a woman so some resort to rape which is 100% fair. If a man wants to rape a woman then why not? Why can’t he experience sex??? Explain.”

The vile post received comments from other men who agreed with Lucc’s statement.

One said: “Straight facts brody.”

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Another suggested that the poster should contest for the position of the president of the United States because of his post.

He wrote: “Lucc Capalot 2020 #potus.”

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