Meet the pilot who was in charge of the crashed Ethiopian Airlines

Below is the picture of the pilot who captained the Ethiopian Airlines plane which crashed last Sunday.

Captain Yared Getachew was in charge of the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 which was enroute Nairobi Kenya when the crash happened. The plane crashed just 6 minutes after it took off.

Yared Getachew was a senior Captain with more than 8,000 flight hours. He was assisted on the flight by First Officer Ahmed Nur Mohammod who had 200 flight hours.

The plane had 6 Flight Attendants who altogether with the passengers make up the 157 persons killed by the crash. A Nigerian professor Pius Adesanmi was among the deceased.

A Facebook page shared:

“Keep resting with the Angels and may God console their families.

# RIPET302 # FlyingWithAngels
# WeStandWithEthiopianAirlines

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