See how a lady got to know her boyfriend is married with 2 kids

A confused Nigerian lady has taken to a Facebook group to reveal how she got to know her boyfriend is married with 2 kids.
See how this lady got to know her boyfriend is married with 2 kids

The lady who goes by the name Princess Sarah Okon on the social media platform, revealed that she met the man and was suspicious that he could be married.

Read her post below to find out how she got to know he is not single as he claimed:

Please help me out,I met this young man and we exchanged number, he told me abt himself that he was single and he is living with his friend,I started dating him but I found out that he has mark of wedding ring on his finger but he denied that he was not married.

He explained that the ring was Jesus Christ ring that he bought from church and it was too tight on him that was why he pull it,I only spend few time with him when ever I go to visit him because of his room mate,most times he prefer us lodging in a hotel to get privacy, I asked for his Facebook account and it took him a months before he gave me his Facebook name.

I noticed that he don’t have much photos on his Facebook, but today I came across true caller pick his phone number with a different name so I decided to use that name to search him on Facebook and I found out all his wedding pictures and his two kids there,but up till now we are chatting and he is still pretending,please help me out my fellow member, should I confront him or pretend not to know and move on or look for a native doctor and send him madness?

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