Don’t flaunt wealth without telling us how you made it – Alibaba

Nigerian stand-up comedian and actor, Alibaba, has said people should not flaunt wealth without revealing how they made it.

Reacting to a post by, stanleytucci_, Alibaba said people should stop flaunting questionable wealth. stanleytucci_ wrote;

It’s crazy how we celebrate evil in naija, some other countries if your annual salary is $30k & you buy a car worth $20k after working for even 6years or more(I.e if you paid in cash) they will ask you if you don’t pay rent, bills etc even if you are single. I have heard thousands of stor-ies about Africans go to Europe & buy cars worth thousands of dollars & our govt/au-thorities don’t even bother to ask how they arrived at that point, nobody cares! Imagine a small boy of 20years old with no job or record of if he had worked in his life, with no degree whatsoever bought a car worth 5million Naira. Everything is wrong in Naija

Reacting to the post, Alibaba, wrote;

Don’t flaunt wealth without telling us how you made it. You are a lady, below 30 yrs. No source of income. You have a house worth N400m. No history of tax returns. You are a councillor. Only 4 years in office, you have 60 bed hotel.

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