Obi Ezekwesili and Segalink engage in war of words

Oby Ezekwesili and activist Segun Segalink Awosanya have been engaged in a heated argument which got sparked yesterday after a presidential assistant confronted actress Omotola on Twitter.

According to Obi Ezekwesili, the way Omotola was attacked by the presidency is the same way Segalink attacked her during one of her Bring Back Our Girls campaign.

She tweeted:

It is the degree of damage that hideous partisan politics of the worst variant has done to some of our “youths”. Was it also not here that @segalink when attacking us years ago because of @BBOG_Nigeria hurled similar trash at me who was prevailed on to go into government? #Sick We must empower our Girls to have a steely attitude and never allow such decadent mindset to affect their resolve to use their Voice. I am ever so glad to see the younger generation of women stand their ground regardless of misogynistic slur thrown at them.

In response, Segalink wrote:

Distinguished Madam, your case was different. I don’t hurl trash at people. I reveal them. By confronting you with your darkness, I’m simply showing you your light. Stop misconstruing my position as malicious. I don’t play your partisan games. I also don’t keep malice. I forgive. If you care to know, maybe I just might tell you the history of BBOG before you guys brought your partisanship and notoriety into the entire matter and ended up politicizing it. But that will be a lesson for another day. What dies may not die. Let’s be circumspect. Since Madam want to hear history…stay tuned. Will be leaving the airport shortly. I respect you all more than to waste energy on this. In due time the story will be told. Let us celebrate positivity & not pay mind to those desperately in need for external validation. A generation that’s failed us once should at least let us take responsibility for our destiny.

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