Nurse tests positive for coronavirus eight times in 50 days

Tracy Schofield has been testing positive for coronavirus for two months now (Picture: CTV News)

A nurse is despairing after testing positive for coronavirus eight times in 50 days.

Tracy Schofield, from Cambridge Ontario, was first confirmed to have Covid-19 back in March.

But while many people recover in a matter of weeks, she continues to have the virus in her body two months later.

The mother-of-three began experiencing symptoms including chills, a fever and shortness of breath on March 30, according to CTV News.

She went on to have a temperature as high as 40C (104.1F) and lose her sense of taste and smell.

After she was confirmed to have coronavirus on April 1, the medic spent two weeks ‘barely able to get out of bed’ while self-isolating with her son Ethan, 17.

Other Covid victims have had negative results after two weeks, but Tracy’s second test came back positive from Cambridge Memorial Hospital.

Since then, six more have come back with the same result – despite the majority of her symptoms disappearing.

The nurse was over the moon when her eighth test came back negative, but her excitement soon turned to disappointment when her ninth was positive.

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Health experts say the American likely has dead virus cells still circulating in her body and doctors have told her they do not think she is contagious.

However, the healthcare worker won’t be considered fully recovered until she gets two negative test results and says every positive test is ‘like a punch in the stomach’.

She said: ‘I just want someone to be able to tell me something. Give me an answer. Am I going to have it forever?’

Authorities from Region of Waterloo Public Health, permitted Tracy to leave her house on April 14, but she still has shortness of breath.

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With two days to go until she is tested for coronavirus for the tenth time, she is concerned the virus will have a longterm impact on her body.

She said: ‘It’s tough. And until you live it you don’t know what it’s like.’

It comes as more than 95,000 people lose their lives to Covid-19 in the US, with more than 1.5 million confirmed cases.

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