Nigerian man divorces his wife of 19 years for sharing their video on social media

A marriage of 19 years has reportedly ended because of the trending ‘Dancing For Husbands‘ challenge which has gained popularity among Northern wives.

Over the Eid Mubarak holiday, Arewa women engaged in a challenge which involves dancing for their husbands and sharing the video with the hashtag #DancingForHusbands Challenge.

The challenge has provided beautiful content that was enjoyed by social media users. However, a Facebook user took to the platform today to reveal that one of the women who engaged in the challenge has been divorced by her husband.

The woman is his only wife and they’ve been married for 19 years but he allegedly divorced her for sharing an intimate family video online.

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Sharing the news, Sanusi Bature wrote:

I just realized that one of my former bosses divorced his wife for releasing to the public, the #Dancingforhusbands challenge last night. The most unfortunate thing, it’s a marriage of 19 years with 3 kids, she has been the only wife in the house.

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