Moment cat falls from sky and knocks out pensioner, chased and cornered by the man’s dog

A shocking moment that a cat fell from a high building and knocked out a man who was passing by together with his pet.

CCTV footage of the bizarre moment shows the cat landing straight on the elderly man’s head before darting away in the street.

Pensioner Gao Fenghua had been taking a leisurely stroll in the city of Harbin in the north-eastern Chinese province of Heilongjiang.

His well-fed pooch, wearing protective boots on his paws, was walking slightly ahead of him along the footpath.

Surveillance video captures the cat suddenly falling onto the man, leaving him unconscious.

The cat immediately gets up and – seemingly uninjured – dashes away to the safety of a nearby doorway.

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Meanwhile, the man’s dog eventually realises something is amiss, so wanders back to its knocked-out owner before spotting the moggie.

The chubby golden retriever then corners the cowering feline near a building.

Fenghua spent 23 days in hospital before being discharged this week.

Photos show him recovering with a neck brace.

He still has to undergo physiotherapy treatment.

The cat reportedly belongs to Fenghua’s neighbour, identified as Mr. Yu, according to the victim’s son Gao Zhengzhong.

The injured man’s family members and the cat’s owner are reportedly trying to reach an agreement on compensation for the accident.

It is unclear if the authorities are involved in the discussions.

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