Watch the moment Texas residents queued up to fetch water from borehole amid power outage (video)

The moment Texas residents were seen liining up to fetch water has gone viral amid days of blackout in the state.

The blank out was caused by failure in natural gas operations, as pipelines were frozen, making it difficult for plants to get the fuel they needed.

The power outage, made it impossible to pump water into the homes of residents as many people seeker for other alternative ways to access basic needs.
In a video shared online by abc reporter, Erica Simon, citizens could be seen in a queue holding buckets and dispenser containers as they fetched water from a borehole tap.

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In her words; This is not a third world country. This is Houston, Texas. I spotted a line of people filing up buckets of water from a spicket at Haden Park. Why? Millions either have no water or are under a Boil Water Advisory.

Watch the video clip below:

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