Kristen Bell says “this is what i get” as she shows off natural look in a recent selfie photo__See Her New Look.

Kristen Bell loves how she looks. The former “Good Place” star shared a selfie in a very candid Instagram post in which she shows her frazzled hair and points out that she is cross eyed.

“I’m in a wig for my current movie. When I take my braided hair out at the end of the week, this is what I get,” she wrote. “And I am INTO IT,” she wrote. “Do I need to get a perm??? In addition, yes. I am slightly cross eyed. Always have been, always will be. G’NIGHT!”

Bell has not been one to shy away from showing off how she looks away from the bright lights of Hollywood. She celebrated turning 40 in July last year with a makeup-free selfie on Instagram and no one knows what she will celebrate this coming one with (41st birthday in july)…probably with another super makeup-free selfie.

“Goodmorning 40!” she wrote, along with the hashtag #stillusingpimplecream.

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And when Bell does get herself cleaned up, she also likes to show off. Last year, she posted a picture of herself after getting a bob haircut.

“Your mom got a hair cut and she is FEELING IT,” she wrote.

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