3 Brothers Forcefully Slept With a Cow Till It Died, It Was Found Bleeding in The Reproductive Parts

Three blood brothers who lived in Teresia forest ( a forest in Chepterwai village, Nandi county) are said to have approached a cow and forcefully did the act with it till it died. The members in the village woke up one morning only to hear that the cow has been found dead under threatening circumstances.

The three brothers have been arrested by police in Nandi after they were accused of having unnatural acts with a cow.

Residents Chepterwai village woke up to shocking news after the cow was found dead near Teresia Forest.

According to the owner of the cow, Kimaiyo Kiyos, the suspects are said to have been living in the forest along the Nandi escapement.

“The cow was missing in the cowshed when we woke up in the morning. After we started a search we found it dead just near the forest, 500 meters away from home,” he narrated.

The animal was lying dead with signs of bleeding on its reproductive organs.

“This is an abomination. We managed to identify the criminals and one of them was arrested by members of the public. We were surprised to find our own sons were behind the reprehensible act,” Kimaiyo said.

The residents who were left shaken by the incident said that some young people in the area have resorted to drug abuse which could be fuelling criminal acts.

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“We suspect that the suspects were under the influence of drugs. We are calling upon the security team to intensify the crackdown on the illicit brew and drugs that has affected our children,” Kiyos appealed.

Nandi North Police Commander Jamleck Nyangauria confirmed that three of the suspects have been arrested after the affected owner of the cow reported to the Chepterwai police post.

The accused were transferred to Kabiyet police station.

“They are set to be presented before the court on Monday. It is such an unusual criminal act that we cannot reveal the details of the offenders at the moment,” OCPD Nyangauria said.

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