Man drinks wife’s urine for years as instructed by pastor

A man has shared a bitter story of how his pastor had instructed him to drink his wife’s urine for two years because of wealth.

Sharing the heartbreaking story via ‘break and makeup’, he believed his pastor like a fool when he said he would get a job in an oil company if he takes his wife’s urine and not come close to his wife to avoid the prayer being unanswered.

Meanwhile, the fake pastor has been having an affair with his wife within this period and got her pregnant.

He also added he was brainwashed into believing it was the Holy Spirit that made her pregnant.

He wrote;

“I want to kill my pastor for fooling me for 2 years. I slap myself every morning for being such a fool. I still look at the mirror and laugh, me myself drank a woman’s urine for years.

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Do you know I have been drinking my wife’s urine for 2 years now because I want to be rich and work in an oil company. My pastor told me not to touch my wife but drink her urine every morning and wait for God to embarrass me with wealth.

I told my wife and we both agreed. We even went to thank our pastor for the little money we did not have. I have not slept with my wife for 2 years. I just drink her urine and pray.

Little did I know that my pastor was sleeping with my wife and that was the means he used to stop me from touching her. No wonder when she took in I was surprised but was brainwashed by my pastor that the holy spirit was at work and with the connection of my wife’s urine she can get pregnant.”

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