VIDEO: Pastor Says S3x Before Marriage Is Not A Sin

It is in the doctrines of Christianity that two people who are not married are not allowed to sleep together because it is a sin.

However, Pastor Olakunle Beloved Jesukale aka End-time General who is the founder of End-time revival Evangelical Ministry has something different to say on the same.

According to Pastor Olakunle, He Believes in Extreme Grace therefore Sin does not exist for those who believe in the Finished work of JESUS Christ because JESUS has destroyed Sin.

The Pastor Publicly proclaims that Sex before Marriage is not a sin.

In a Video he posted on YouTube he said “Sex, whether it is before Marriage, whether it is after Marriage, Whether it is done during Marriage, is No longer Sin.

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Any Preacher saying that Sex before Marriage is a Sin is an Enemy of the Finished work and he is not real”

He went further to say that for someone to say that you have to wait until you are married before you can have sex ” is not only a Sin but a religious lie”

Watch the video below

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