Lionel Messi “Used Tissue” Is Being Sold For $1 Million Dollars

Lionel Messi “Used Tissue” Is Being Sold For $1 Million Dollars

Lionel Messi’s  used tissue is allegedly being sold for a staggering $1 million US dollars.

According to reports reaching iHarare, the tissue that soccer legend Lionel Messi used to wipe off his tears during his emotional farewell speech at FC Barcelona is on sale for $1 million.

During the farewell speech, his wife Antonella handed him a tissue as he couldn’t hold back his tears while expressing his feelings on leaving the club.

Messi used the tissue to wipe his eyes and nose while he tearfully confirmed his forced departure from the club where he had spent his entire career.

However, a man who was seated at the front row of the same press conference is alleged to have managed to scoop up the discarded tissue paper and listed it on an international auction site for a million dollars.

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The person auctioning the used tissue on Meikeduo, claims that he is selling the used tissue for $1million dollars because it contains Messi’s “genetic material”, that can then be used to clone another football star like Messi.

Messi transferred from FC Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) this summer.

His transfer from FC Barcelona however caused shockwaves  across the world.

Meanwhile, in an effort to capitalise on the iconic soccer legend, PSG sold as many as a million Lionel Messi jerseys in their stores and online, just a week after the Lionel Messi signed up for the club.

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