Woman Discovers She’s Pregnant Just Four hours Before Giving Birth

Lorna Goodings and her baby

A woman was left in shock after she discovered she was 38 weeks pregnant just four hours before she gave birth to a baby girl.

Lorna Goodings, 25, had thought her baby bump was just bloating and doctors put her swollen tummy down to the effects of her birth control.

She even did a pregnancy test in July 2021, when she’s believed to have been 38 weeks pregnant, and the result came back negative. She did another test on the day she gave birth and it was still negative.

As a result, Lorna was shocked to find out she was pregnant and already in labour just four hours before she gave birth to her daughter, Daphne Burdiak, at Northampton General Hospital, Northampton, on August 1.

She was at a friend’s party when she felt pain so was rushed to the hospital only to discover she was in labour.

She says: “When I went into labour, I was at a party with my friends, and I was in pain all day.

“It got so bad that my friends took me to the hospital, and medics told me I was 38 weeks pregnant and in labour.
“I couldn’t believe it.”

Lorna said it was a surprise for her and her partner, Nick Burdiak, 42, a machine operator, who couldn’t make it for the birth as he was on a night out with his friends.

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Lorna continued: “I didn’t even tell Nick – as I knew he would have had too many pints and wouldn’t understand.

“It’s been a massive shock, but baby Daphne is just amazing.”
Lorna, who had her first child Vivienne, in June 2020, now has two kids both under 13 months.

Explaining why she didn’t know she was pregnant, Lorna said: “I had the contraceptive implant in October but started feeling really rubbish pretty soon after.


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