Stop acting like I did something evil to you – Erica to Laycon (Video)

BBNaija housemate, Erica, has confronted her former bestie in the house Laycon over his display of attitude towards her, telling him to stop acting like she did something evil. According to her, Laycon is cold and hostile towards her. But she declared that she doesn’t mind the space but she is not happy about the attitude. She gives instances where he had acted in a mean way. Hearing these words made him apologize,claiming that it’s subconscious, but Erica, not satisfied with his response, demanded for some explanation from him, as…

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My boyfriend slept with his ex a night before her wedding

A trending whatsapp conversation documents the moment a distraught girl confronted her boyfriend after he slept with his ex a night before her wedding. The girl found out about his act and she made her feelings known that she was hurt. The boyfriend tried to justify his actions by saying the sex was meaningless and it was just ”One for the road”. He also said that he dated his ex for four years and they’d missed all the good times they had. The lady wouldn’t have that and she said…

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