Dr. Dre’s Wife Nicole Young Slams His Pre-Nup Claims and Says He “Pressured” Her To Sign and Then “Tore Up” The Agreement-$1 Billion Split At Stake

#Roommates, although they recently filed just a few weeks ago, it appears that the divorce proceedings between Dr. Dre and his wife Nicole Young are already off to a messy start. According to new reports, Nicole is slamming Dr. Dre’s claims that the estranged couple has a pre-nup because she says he tore it up. Dr. Dre and his soon-to-be ex-wife were married for almost 25 years—and during that time, he amassed an almost $1 billion-dollar fortune, which he might be forced to split. @TMZ_TV reports, Nicole Young recently filed…

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How my wife left me to go back to her ex – Man reveals

A South African man has taken to Twitter to tell his divorce story after his wife of 2 years insisted she wanted to be in a relationship with her ex. The man identified as @DMlamla on the platform wrote that he and his ex-wife dated for seven years and were married for two years. He had to let to her go as it was obvious she wasn’t in love with him. Read his full story below ”My story for divorcing. We were 7 years in a relationship and 2 years…

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